Creating a Thriving Business

The Series

 What does it mean to have a Thriving Business?

Encarta dictionary states Thrive means to grow vigorously and healthily; to be successful and often profitable.

Plants need three essential tools to survive and so does your business.

Plants need water, sun, and dirt in order to grow vigorously and healthily.

Your business needs a successful team leader, a needed product or service and a plan in order to be successful and profitable.


  These books have been specifically designed to help your business


. Ultimate Guide to Creating a Thriving Business

Could your business survive any obstacle thrown at it, including the ultimate obstacle of your death?

The Thriving Business Manual, which also includes a workbook, guides you step-by-step through the processes of creating your very own office procedures manual and will enable you to have the confidence in knowing your business will be cared for if something should happen to you. 

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Thriving Business



Managing Your Business for Success

”Managing Your Thriving Business for Success” provides you with the tools to successfully manage your own thriving business through the introduction of proper business strategies. Success can be easily attributed to seven key factors which are outlined in the book:

  • Good time management and scheduling
  • Setting goals and evaluating them continually
  • Setting boundaries and sticking to them
  • Good business planning, both short term and long term
  • Evaluating our return on investment for every business decision
  • Ensuring that we don’t “Go it Alone”
  • Proper stress management

By utilizing the management techniques discussed in the book you will reach your goal of having a successful and thriving business. 

Managing Your Thriving Business for Success

Only $9.95